Monday, 27 April 2015

Chance to Visit Lich St

This Wednesday we'll be down at the Cathedral Roundabout so if you are in town you can come and find out what we've been discovering and the history of the site. We'll be there 9:30-3:30 and for the next three day, followed by Wed-Sat the following two weeks. You'll be able to sign up for tours and be taken across so you can see Lich Street and the remains of the cellars which have been uncovered. Look out for us in the hi-viz vests!

We are in the process of getting access to a shop unit next to the site where we can show you historic photos and images as well as have some finds. We had hoped to have the keys for this and to have started site visits but we don't have access at the moment. If we have been unable to move in by Wednesday we'll run the first few days from near the Elgar statue. We'll have copies of photos with us to show you and begin the tours from there so you'll be able to find out more and ask any questions you have about the site and the archaeology.

You can sign up for a brief tour of the site whilst you are down there. Due to the restricted nature and having to cross the roundabout where there is no crossing these will be in small groups, and we'll ask you to wear a hi-viz vest. We'll then take you down Lich St so you can see the site from inside the railings. The tours will probably last around half an hour including setting the scene, and we'll run them as frequently as we can, so as many as possible can see. Please wear sensible footwear as the ground is uneven.

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