Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Tours & Exhibition

The Dig Lich St tours and exhibition will begin on 29 April, so you can find out more about what has been uncovered, look at some of the artefacts, and go across to have at the site.

Thanks for being patient – we had to wait until the work on the roundabout was at a stage where we could safely take you over you'd be able to walk up Lich St and have a look for yourself what has been found.

The exhibition will bring together information from the site and some of the artefacts we've been sharing on twitter and the blog. We'll also have photos, maps and census of the site telling the wider story of the area.

If you have memories of living or visiting Lich St there'll be opportunity to share your stories with us. We can also arrange to interview you at other times, if you are happy to do so, but during these times whilst you're visiting we'd love to hear what you can remember.

More details about these will be available next week.

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