Thursday, 23 April 2015

Rose's memories of Lich St

We continue to get people contact us with their memories of Lich St. One of our community archaeologists, Justin, went out to interview a couple of people this week, so their information can go alongside the formal archaeological report which will be produced.

One person we spoke to was Rose Woodyatt, who lived at Court 2, house 4 Lich Street from the age of 3 in 1931 to the age of 22 in 1950. You may have heard her a couple of weeks ago on BBC Hereford & Worcester's breakfast programme, and they kindly put us in touch with her.

In the first two clips Rose describes the inside of her house.


In the third clip Rose describes the 'Lich Gate stone ledge' which, amongst other uses, supported coffins on their passage to College St and the church or Cathedral – it appears that there was a common custom that the bereaving family had to gain permission to move the coffin beyond the city (wall).

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