Thursday, 7 May 2015

See finds this Saturday at St Helen's

This Saturday (9th May) we are having a pop up exhibition in St Helen's where we'll bring over a variety of finds from the dig, have up a wider selections of images of Lich St than we have been able to have at our portable base. We'll also have photos and information and the latest dig news and will try to answer your questions. We'd love to talk to anyone who lived on Lich St too.


St Helen's is just a short distance down the High St from the dig, on the corner of High St & Fish St, and we'll be there 9:30-3:30. We had planned to have a shop unit close by which we could use each day, but this has fallen through so we are having this day at St Helen's so we can get out a larger number of finds for you to see and handle. Lots of you have asked about this and we're looking forward to bringing them for you.

Tours will continue Thursday and Friday (over 350 have been so far) and will then resume next week Wednesday through to Saturday 9:30-3:30.

We'll continue to update the blog with photos of finds and the site.

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