Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tours and Next Phase

The Lich St tours have now ended after three weeks, with over 700 people coming with us over to the roundabout to walk down the street, and others just coming to ask us about the dig and the history of the site. It was great to be able to chat to so many of you, especially all those who remembered Lich St and could share memories with us.

Thank you very much for all who have helped, both staff & volunteers, who have been down by the roundabout in the vagaries of the British weather – Rob, Su, Justin, Andie, Ben, Simon, Paul, Helen, Sarah, Roz, Luke, Steph, Mary, Carol & Rita. Thank you to Richard as well his assistance and answering lots of questions.

We are about to hand the site over to the construction team, for the next phase of the Cathedral Square redevelopment. We'd built in this three week period for public access when we could guarantee being able to take visitors down Lich St to see what was uncovered. Now works to start filling in the cellars are taking place.  If this changes we'll let you know, but current plans means we cannot bring people onto the site safely.  A final archaeological excavation will take place in the far south east corner of the site, where the cabin used to be, which will just take a few days. As the site is now closed we will keep you informed through the blog.

We are in the process of arranging another couple of open days when we can show you a wider range of finds and photos, as we did at St Helen's the other week. We may know a bit more about some of the artefacts and have answered some of the questions we've had so even if you came before there could be more to discover! This will be in around a month's time and when we have the dates and location fixed we'll let you know.

The blog will continue to be updated as we continue our work back in The Hive, working through the finds and the information be obtained.

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